Modus Mortgage

Heather Wiwatowski

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMlS# 1925410

About me:

They gave me the opportunity to work as a Loan Officer. I worked with great people and I loved my job, and that is when I knew that the mortgage business was where I wanted to be. When I am not working depending on the weather, I like to be outside swimming, gardening, or creating a fountain or water feature of some kind. I like to travel, shop in stores, go to various sporting events, and watch live dance and musical performances. I like to eat at my favorite restaurants, try new ones, and get together with friends and family. I really like learning new things and exploring new places, so I’m usually up for just about anything (within reason)! n addition to being a licensed Loan Officer, I’m also a licensed Caregiver. I feel good about helping someone be able to live independently in their own home, and age with dignity. My favorite part of my job is being able to tell someone they have been approved for a home loan.

What I Do:

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